1. WIPO is located at
A. New York
B. London
C. Geneva
D. Paris

2. The National Mission on Libraries, India was established in which year ?
A. 2009
B. 2010
C. 2011
D. 2012

3. The production of mental reflection and imagination is known as
A. Information
B. Idea
C. Data
D. Knowledge

4. Who is the propounder of the term ‘Information Transfer’ ?
A. Ranganathan
B. J. Martin
C. Calvin Moores
D. Beesman

5. Which organisation was joined with ‘Library Association’ to form CILIP in 2007 ?
A. Institute of Bibliography
B. Institute of Information Scientists
C. Institute of Documentation
D. Institute of Librarianship

6. The “citation indexes” are now available online as:
A. Web of Science
C. Scopus

7. Dictionary of National Biography (DNB) contains biography of prominent people of:
A. All nations
B. Europeans
C. Americans
D. Britishers

8. Which among the following is free Audio book site ?
A. Ebrary
B. Virtua
C. Librivox
D. Google Books

9. The online version of ‘McGraw Hill Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology’ is:
A. Access Science
B. McGraw Hill Online
C. Online Encyclopaedia of Science and Technology
D. Science online

10. ‘Indian National Bibliography’ is arranged under two parts, General Publication and _____ Publications.
A. Private
B. Electronic
C. Governmental
D. Non-book
Answers: 1.(C), 2.(D), 3.(B), 4.(D), 5.(B), 6.(A), 7.(D), 8.(C), 9.(A), 10.(C)