1. An entry that is made for the subject of a chapter in a book is referred to as
A. Cross Reference Entry
B. Cross Reference Index Entry
C. Class Index Entry
D. Book Index Entry

2. Who introduced UBC Concept?

3. Dictionary Catalogue Rules were devised by:
A. A. Pannizzi
B. C. C. Jewet
C. S. Lubetzky
D. C. A. Cutter

4. RSS feed is a tool of:
A. Graphic design
B. Web 1.0
C. Web 2.0
D. Architecture

5. Technological Gatekeeper is :
A. A formal method of giving current awareness service
B. A method of technology assessment and evaluation
C. A process of transfer of technology
D. An informal mechanism of keeping user informed of relevant development

6. The Farmington plan is associated with:
A. Library Legislation
B. Library Cataloguing
C. Library Cooperation
D. Library Indexing Service

7. UNESCO assisted Model Public Library in India is located at:
A. Kolkata
B. Delhi
C. Mumbai
D. Chennai

8. Information is …
A. Raw data
B. Raw knowledge
C. Input data
D. Organized data

9. GUI stands for :
A. Graphic User Interface
B. Graphic User Interaction
C. Graphic Utility Interface
D. Great Union of India

10. CCF stands for
A. Current Classification Format
B. Current Communication Format
C. Common Communication Format
D. Common Classification Format

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